The method of using synthetic fibers in the reinforcement of concrete:

In order to reach the best yield and achieve the highest required results from adding fibers to concrete, the following must be taken into account:

  • Choosing the appropriate fibers for each purpose of concrete use in terms of shape, specifications, quality, measurements, quantities.....etc.
  • Determine the correct and appropriate amount for the purpose of using concrete.
  • Good mixing of concrete with fibers, which is very important to ensure that the fibers are distributed throughout the mixture and on a regular basis and prevent caking
  • The mixing must be done carefully and for a period of no less than (10) minutes at the maximum mixing speed.
  • The percentage of water in the mixture is as low as possible
  • Use a vibrator - a vibrating ruler to level the surfaces - or a leveling cylinder to prevent the fibers from coming out above the surface.