About the company

About Fars Fiber Company:

An industrial company specializing in the production of synthetic fibers for the reinforcement of concrete

It was established in Turkey in late 2021 using the latest specialized and automated machines

We produce all kinds of synthetic fibers:

1- macro synthetic fibers (from 100% pure plastic raw materials)

2- Micro synthetic fibers (from 100% pure plastic raw materials)

3- glass fiber (for concrete reinforcement – for engineering uses)

4- Carbon fiber (recycled with special specifications)

5- Steel fibers (upon request)

Within the specifications of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

and European Standards (EN)

European Standards (EN)

Fares for high quality fibres. We are distinguished by our experience in the manufacture of synthetic fibers of all kinds, and we care about customer satisfaction, meeting their needs and gaining their trust.

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