Concrete reinforcing fibers and their types

macro synthetic fibers

Usualy (12.5 ÷60)mm

Stiff material   

Hardned Concrete

day to year’s     

Loud Macro Syanthetic Fiber

to: 4 Lb/cy Standard 2500gr/m³ conc

As per the recommendation of the competent engineer

After mixing, it turns into webs similar to a spider’s web

Each 1 kg of these fibers is transformed during mixing into (30000/40000) mesh area (15/20) cm2 per mesh.

micro synthetic fibers

Usually (2÷20)mm
Flxible Material
Fresh concrete
Plastic shrinkage cracking
PP/PE/Glas Fi / Carbon Fi
 Loud Macro Syanthetic Fiber
to: 2 Lb/cy Standard 1250gr/m3 conc

As recommended by the engineer

The final shape of these fibers after mixing (fine capillary fibers)

Every 1 kg of these fibers, after mixing within the concrete, is transformed into (1/0.1) million fine hair fibers


Glass Fiber

There are very many types of glass fibers, depending on the area of use

fares Fiber produces glassfiber for concrete and engineering applications

steel fiber

Fars Fiber produces steel fibers with all specifications and on demand

carbon fiber

There are many types of carbon fibers, depending on the use

Fares Fiber produces carbon fibers for concrete reinforcement and engineering applications